After years of studying design and illustration, I have strived to create a modern yet fun and whimsical style that can remind people what having a good time is all about. My style is a mix of distressed backgrounds and bold, bright character design so the characters really pop. I hope to see my illustrations used in many types of media from cartoons, children's books, CD cover art, and magazines to corporate advertising, conceptual illustration, and animation.

I try to capture a youthful feel that can grab any audience. Some might call my work "trendy", but because I'm influenced by the world around me it's hard not to have a modern twist.

I am open to most illustration jobs including spot illustration, ad illustration, website illustration, youth ads, corporate illustration, digital illustration, posters, magazine illustration, toy design, greeting cards, calendars, and CD covers.

The subject matter I most enjoy to illustrate are robots, dinosaurs, dragons, ghosts, animals, skateboarding, snowboarding, mythical characters, aliens, monsters, sasquatches, or anything you can have fun with.